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Refractory commodities

To supplement our own manufactured products, HASLE offers a wide range of ceramic fibres, insulating bricks and fireplace bricks.

Ceramic fibres

Ceramic fibre products are used wherever high insulatingcapacity is required. If mechanical wear is not present, ceramic fibres can be used as the only refractory material which is in contact with the process.

HASLE sells only synthetic bio-soluble fibres. The fibre is water soluble and therefore less harmful to human health than traditional ceramic fibres.

Insulating bricks

Insulating bricks are distinguished from other bricks by their high porosity and, thus, lower compressive strength. The advantage of insulating bricks is that they can be used for both primary lining and insulationbacking. They have good insulating capacity, good thermal resistance and provide a lightweight refractory structure.

Fireplace bricks

Used for building wood-burning stoves, small stoves and ceilings, etc. The bricks are made of chamotte and fire clay.
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