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HASLE Precast Modular Lining for Bull Nose

Case cement industry: + 3 years for HASLE precast bull nose !

Article By: Preecha Chowjarearnsuk pc@hasle-refractories.com
Sales and Technical Support Manager
 | April 2019

Previously, a customer had a problem with short life in bull nose area. The bull nose only lasted 6-8 months, so HASLE proposed a Precast solution by using HASLE standard precast shape and curved precast shape.

The HASLE Precast Lining system is based on standard shapes to enable a smooth and easy installation. The system is developed in co-operation with in­stallation companies, HASLE engineers and with customers. 

The result is a lining system which ensures maxi­mum life. 
HASLE Precast modular lining for bull nose.

The very low open porosity of the surface (10-12%), in combination with highly alkali resistant material, reduces build-up and protects from corrosion. In many process industries this lining has reduced, or even eliminated, the build-up. This ensures smooth running of the process and maximum output with a minimum of downtime
The precast refractory element has a tongue and groove joint on all 4 sides which is filled with 2mm mortar. This reduces the penetration of gasses to the insulation and the fitting system

HASLE Solutions compared to other?

Below are photos from inspections during shutdowns. Fig1. shows the Kiln area in excellent condition after 6 months, especially compared with similar area lined with Castables.
Fig.2 +3 shows the Bull Nose - after 18 months lifetime - where there was no wear on the precast element. 

HASLE Precast in Bull nose after 18 months of operations.

HASLE logo stands sharp

Excatly how well HASLE performs, it's possible to see on the HASLE logo which still stands presented sharp on the surface. And compared to the castable (not HASLE) installed in both sides of the precast there was more than 30mm. of wear.

HASLE logo still sharp after 18 months of operation.

The (not HASLE) castable beside HASLE precast

Final lifetime of HASLE Precast: 3 years 

Happy Customer, and re-installed HASLE Precast solution.

The Cement plant customer was very satisfied with HASLE's premium performance - and in March 2017 we re-installed HASLE's Precast elements at Bull nose and cooler roof again. Until now, lifetime is 2 years and it is still running and in excellent condition.

Re-installed Modular Lining in 2017
Inspection in 2018
March 2019 After 2 years of operations

Installations all over the world

HASLE Castables are used with very good references in a variety of Industries throughout the world, among these in Cement factories, Boilers and Incineration Plants. 

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HASLE look forward to becoming part of the solution to your alkali problems. We are happy to offer advice and technical sparring through our international sales network. Feel free to contact HASLE for a noncommittal visit or recommendation.

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