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Precast elements | Premium Quality Custom Solutions

HASLE manufactures precast modular elements developed by our own technicians in our plant in Denmark.

We offer to design and manufacture customer-specific elements in close collaboration with the customer and based on requirements like ease of assembly, durability and thermal conduction. Case stories for Precast Elements

Why you should chose HASLE Precast Elements:

Custom made solutions designed by HASLE with use of premium HASLE Castables
› Flexible Production Plant located in Denmark - provides fast responsetime on orders of all sizes
› Controlled production with a 100 % QC ensures very durable, precise and uniform elements

Most effecient solution. Easy-to-install avoids the drying-out problems

There are many advantages of choosing a lining made of precast modular elements.
The combination of a high-quality low-cement castable with a controlled manufacturing ensures a very durable, precise and uniform element - which can be manufactured in all sorts of shapes. 
HASLE can pre-fire elements in the range from 500°C to 1350°C depending on the application. Firing to 1350°C is a speciality of HASLE and it secures elements with outstanding characteristics.

Refractory solutions made of precast elements are easy to install, and the user avoids the drying-out problems that can be experienced by using castables. The process can be restarted very quickly without a risk of explosion due to vapours emitted by castables.
Precast grate cooler
Precast smoke chamber
Precast kiln hood
A precast refractory lining is denser and thus less vulnerable to slag attack. The lining will also have greater mechanical strength than a lining cast in situ.
For instance, if an operating kiln system needs to be renovated, the repair process is short: the precast elements can be quickly replaced as no formwork is required.
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