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HASLE's Gunning products - durable and with rebound as low as 10%

- March 2020

Dry gunning or simply gunning is a fast installation method that only require installation of anchors arrangements before start. No formwork is required. Gunning is often preferred for quick repairs and patching jobs as the minimal preparation time on the installation site and the absence of formwork to be handled before and after installation is easy to fit in when time is an issue – and it often is since time (especially production time) equals money. Read full article here

Thermal efficient, long-lasting pre-cast lining solution for feed pipes of cement plant

- March 2020

Cement plants often face coating issues in their feed pipes, particularly those using alternative fuels. Coating causes production loss, and feed pipes frequently need cleaning. Many plants also have high heat loss from feed pipes resulting in an increased fuel consumption. HASLEs Cylindrical Precast Solution for feed pipes eliminates build-up and reduces heat loss issue in feed pipe, and is tailor-made as per site requirement. Among the benefits of using this solution are anti-coating surface, 2-3 times longer lifetime, thermal efficiency, easy and fast installation as well as better safety index. Read full article about the benefits of HASLE precast  modular lining here

Product launch: HASLE D54NC, non-cement castable

- Oct 2019

After years of R&D we at HASLE are proud to launch our non-cement castable D54NC. 
With HASLE D54NC you will be able to heat up at a speed of 50C / hour, which gives the possibility of reaching the operating temperature in most industries in 24 hours or less! 
Read the full press release here


New Appointed Business Head of HASLE Refractories India

- July 2019

Pankaj Gupta, who comes with strong knowledge from assignments with HASLE in India and Middle East. are taking over as Business Head from Harpreet Singh, who have taken HASLE India to where we are today.
Read the full press release

HASLE GUNNING products - very low rebound

- July 2019

Two very important points when gunning a material are the workability of the product, and the ability to stick to the surface leaving as little spillage as possible. HASLE has been successful in both areas with a rebound rate as low as 10-12%. 
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Check the density before you place an order on refractories

- June 2019

Looking for the best offer is a standard procedure for all purchase. For refractories, this is not always as simple as for a lot of other products. This is because there is a lot of different factors that will decide a refractory product performance. Read the full article

Danish prime minister visits HASLE

- May 28, 2019

HASLE Refractories got an exclusive visit from the Danish Prime Minister, at our company headquarters on Bornholm. The Prime Minister sought - amongst others - insight into export and transport conditions in relation to running an international production company from a location as Bornholm. Read further and see gallery from the visit

Cylindrical precast - the solution for cyclone targeted zone!

- May 2019

The cyclone targeted zone is considered one of the most critical area in the dust separator unit, especially in Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) boiler, forcing plants to shutdown sooner than it should be. Read the article on HASLE's solution to the challenges. 

Case: + 3 years for HASLE precast bull nose!

- April 2019

A customer had a problem with short life in bull nose area, so HASLE proposed a Precast solution by using HASLE standard precast shape and curved precast shape. This prolonged the final lifetime to 3 years. Get the full article...

Another CVF Gen 3 installation in Europe

- March 2019

HASLE is very proud to inform that one more of the cement plants in Europe have decided to try out HASLE CVF Gen 3.This plant operates with a very high content of alternative fuels, which makes it easy to choose a ceramic dip tube instead of the traditional one made out of steel. All the CVF elements are casted in a very strong low cement castable, which are highly alkali and wear resistant. Follow also HASLE on LinkedIN. More info on our site HASLE CVF Gen 3

Modular Lining for Riser Duct - 1 year after

- March 2019

During spring 2018, HASLE Refractories supplied its popular Modular Lining system to a Canadian cement plant, which was looking for an alkali resistant refractory lining solution for their Riser Duct. With its smooth surface, which reduces the risk of build ups, it looks promising after almost a year in operation.  The surface of the precast HASLE elements has a very low porosity. This, plus the highly alkali resistant material, does not allow any penetration of gases to the insulation and protects from corrosion. Contact us for further info on this case


Cemtech 2019 in Dubai - thank you

- February 2019

From 17-20 February 2019 HASLE was participating in “Cemtech” for Middle East and Africa in Dubai.
It was a pleasure meeting our customers in Dubai and we thank you all for fruitful discussions about HASLE castables and HASLE Modular Lining. We look forward to our continued co-operation,
HASLE Refractories Middle East FZE

HASLE Alkali resistant Castables

- February 2019

Alkalies like potassium (K) and sodium (Na) are something we often hear about as a threat to the life of refractory linings. Managing alkalies and how to defend against alkali attack is an ongoing battle in many industries. HASLE Refractories have a long tradition for producing highly alkali resistant refractory castables... read the full article 

Precast Solution for Cooler Roof - 1 year after

- February 2019

After one year of successful operation, where the elements look as they were installed yesterday,  the cement plant in Germany decided to increase the cooperation with HASLE Refractories to other areas. The plant uses 100% alternative fuels hence looking for a solution that is resistant to the high alkali attacks and coating challenges. Contact us for further info on this case

HASLE CVF Gen 3 - Succesful Test Installation

- February 2019

The first time installation of Ceramic Vortex Finer Generation 3 in Germany lasted in total 3 days and was supervised by Peter and Tom two of our experienced Danish supervisors. The fuel used in this plant in Germany is 80% RDF + tires when available, which is believed to make a perfect match with the HASLE CVF...Watch the full article with videos taken from Installation Site

25 years with HASLE India

- February 2019

We celebrate the anniversary of Harpreet Singh, Business Head of HASLE Refractories India Middle East & East Africa. Harpreet Singh's co-operation with HASLE started in Jan 1994 and he has played an important role in establishing HASLE as a well-known brand in India and other regions... More about the anniversary 

Why is Modular lining an excellent precast solution

- January 2019

The HASLE Modular Lining elements are factory made, using specialized equipment such as vibration tables, special molds, dry-out ovens and skilled workers to guarantee optimal quality. The steel parts of the system are designed for easy installation and high performance... Read the full article

More orders for CVF Generation 3

- Oktober 2018

As mentioned in HASLE news for January 2018 we are offering our new Ceramic Vortex Finder, generation 3 to selected customers, who are helping us testing the CVF's. We are pleased to inform that we have now made agreements with a few more customers, two of which belong to the world's top 5 cement groups. When we have achieved the first field tests results, this unique alkali and abrasion resistant dip tube will be released for sale for all interested customers in the cement and boiler industry.

HASLE Refractories celebrating 175 years

- September 2018 

On the 14th of September HASLE Refractory celebrated its 175 years birthday. The day was a beautiful autumn day with clear blue sky, the perfect setting for welcoming more than 200 guests, a combination of customers, suppliers as well as former employees.Thank you all for participating; you were all contributing in making this day one to remember for many years to come.

Portugal, new agent

- August 2018 

We are pleased to inform that we have signed an agency agreement with company Pricast, Mr. Miguel Cruzeiro. Since April 2018 Pricast has been representing HASLE as agent in Spain, and because of the good match between Pricast and HASLE, it has been decided to expand the territory to also include Portugal. It is our sincere hope that the good match between the two companies will be to the benefit of the many existing as well as potential new customers. Pricast holds more than 20 years of experience with first class refractory solutions for the high temperature industry.

Tailor made pre-cast elements for OEM´s in the “household boiler industry”

- July 2018

We continue to grow in the market for tailormade pre-cast linings for small household boilers. One of the latest customers, who have trusted HASLE to be their supplier, has reduced weight of their lining, reduced the number elements and at the same time achievied better shock and abrasion resistance in the burning chamber. Do you want HASLE to make a free quote on how to the lining in your boiler a longer life with better performance?

June 2018

New Gunning product, Gun 50SC

After a long R&D process we are proud to launch one more Gunning product,  a Gun50SC. Especially for quick repairs in boilers, you will find this to be a very suitable product, and like all other HASLE Gunning products, with exceptional little rebound. For further technical specifications, please contact hasle@hasle-refractories.com

May 2018

Cambodia, new agent        
We are pleased to inform that we have signed an agency agreement with company 365 Co. Ltd for Cambodia. With the strong history in power and cement, we are confident that 365 under the management of Mr. Chhan Chhorvorn will be the right company to grow the business in Cambodia.

April 2018

Spain, new agent

We are pleased to inform that we have signed a new agency agreement with company Pricast, Mr. Miguel Cruzeiro. We are confident that the match between Pricast and HASLE is the right to grow the business in Spain. Pricast has been working closely with especially the cement industry for more than 20 years with innovative high quality solutions.

March 2018

France, new agent        
We are pleased to inform that we have signed a new agency agreement with PA Technologies about representing HASLE in France, and the French speaking parts of Belgium and Switzerland.

PA Technologies is now with new management,  Mr. Christophe Miguet and Mr. Baptiste Brunel  ready to offer HASLE products and services with or without installation. The history with PA Technologies and the French cement industry is well known to everybody, from more than 30 years of co-operation.

February 2018

HASLE obtains ISO9001:2015 certification

A strong focus on quality in all our processes has always been first prority to HASLE. We have throughout the years developed a fine-knitted QA/QC system to ensure a consistent, high quality in our materials.

Working closely with the leading cement manufacturer, boiler manufacturer and other first class companies in the high temperature industries we have however experienced a growing demand to work by a uniform international standard.

We are very proud to announce that we can now meet our customer's requirements: In February 2018 have achieved the ISO9001:2015 certification by Bureau Veritas.

January 2018

HASLE CVF Generation 3

After more than 3 years of analysis, development and testing, in our laboratory as well as with assistance from Denmark`s Technical University (DTU) and international Technical Universities, we have accepted our first commercial order for our new CVF Gen 3.

In our CVF Gen 3 we have made a lot of improvements: We have improved the design of the elements, increased the pre-firing temperature in order to secure sintering of the refractory material and we have developed a more shock resistant material.

These significant improvements indicates that we in the future field tests will achieve a much longer life than achieved in the previous Gen 1 and Gen 2.

CVF Gen 3 will also still have all the benefits of the previous generations, easy to install, no corrosion as well as it does not buckle or burn.


December 2017

HASLE participates in NCB in Delhi

As many times before we look forward to meet the Indian Cement Industry at National Council for Cement and Building Material (NCB) in Delhi on 05-8 December 2017.

October 2017

HASLE Middle East

We are happy to announce that HASLE Refractories Middle East (FZE) has been incorporated on October 16 2017, with the license no. 18766.
This new company is 100% owned by HASLE Refractories A/S.

With this initiative, HASLE looks forward to serve our increasing number of Middle East customers in a faster and more efficient way, as we recognize a quick reaction time is essential in order to maximize efficiency in the high temperature process.

Our services include materials, castables and pre-cast elements, as well as technical guidance and supervisions.

For further information, please contact HASLE at:

HASLE Refractories Middle East (FZE)
Saif Desk R6-07/A
P.O. Box 121695
Sharjah U.A.E

Phone: ++971 566 584 057
Email: Please use contact form

September 2017

HASLE Denmark

We are strengthening our European Sales Team with another strong sales profile. By October 1st our team in Copenhagen consists of 3 Sales Managers and one technician ready to serve the European market.

May 2017


It is with great pleasure we can announce that after four years of successful cooperation with IFU (The Danish Investment Fund for Developing Countries) HASLE Refractories A/S, has acquired the 40% shares, previously owned by IFU.
By this, all shares in our Indian operation are today owned by our Danish mother company.
We thank IFU for their contribution to grow HASLE India Pvt. Ltd. to where we are today.
By this acquisition our mother company is the sole owner of our daughter companies in Thailand and India.

April 2017

New HASLE agent

We are happy to welcome a new HASLE agent:
HASLE has been working in Vietnam for many years , but we are convinced that a cooperation with Thang Loi is the right match in order to grow the business, and serve the increasing number of high temperature industries in Vietnam. This being Cement or Power Plants or other related industries


March 2017


Indian Cement Manufacturers Annual Seminar Delhi 2017

HASLE is pleased to announce that we will participate in the Indian Cement Manufactures annual seminar in Delhi March 23-24, 2017.
For almost 25 years HASLE has been a key supplier to the Indian Cement industry, making it possible to achieve some of the world’s highest run factors in the cement industry.
If you are not able to participate in the seminar, and want to get in contact with HASLE, please use the contact form and we will get back to you.”

Vertical Bull Nose - Horizontal Bull Nose

With a combination of our HASLE castable processed into precast elements and HASLE's own Bull Nose design we have received record long lifetimes.

For the Horizontal Bull Nose a lifetime of  3 years on the precast solution has been achieved. For the Vertical Bull Nose in the lowest stage cyclone, 4 years lifetime on the precast solution has been achieved.

If you would like to know more about how HASLE can increase lifetime in these critical areas, please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you right away. We will be happy to provide you with a free quotation.


Launching new website

HASLE is launching new website
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