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New Business Head for HASLE Refractories India

Having played an important role in growing HASLE Refractories India to where it is today and giving a strong footprint on the Indian Cement Industries increased efficiency in the last 25 years, Harpreet Singh has now decided to step down.

Group CEO and owner of HASLE Refractories, Michael Bladt, says that the important role in growing the business in this part of the world cannot be exaggerated. “Harpreet has with endless energy pursued HASLE strategy of being the no. 1 refractory company in India in terms of quality offered to the market. A success which have grown over the years, and which have made the well-known brand names as D59A and HASLE pre-cast modular lining known in all cement plants, searching for increased efficiency”.
Harpreet Singh states at the same time; “It has been a privilege to work for HASLE Refractories, such a customer-oriented business being the leader in the high-end market for refractories and pre-cast. Of course, there has been ups and downs when you have been in the game for more than 25 years, but when I look back on the small 500-1000 tpd wet kilns decades ago, which was the standard when I started, the journey has been fantastic. At that time, nobody could dream of lining todays 12.000 tpd kilns lines with our LCC
Newly Appointed Business Head is Pankaj Gupta, who comes with strong knowledge from assignments with HASLE in India and Middle East. Pankaj Gupta said when he was appointed “I know it is a privilege to take over as Business Head from Harpreet Singh, who have taken HASLE India to where we are today. I am humble, but also very much determined to follow the track laid by Harpreet and the rest of the team, and I will do my very best to make sure the business continues to grow. HASLE has got more unique products in the pipeline, a brand-new tested Ceramic Vortex Finder, as well as a non-cement Castable, our D54NC, where we can take the dry out up to 1000C down to only 24 hours. I am sure these products and the other unique products from HASLE will contribute to grow the customer portfolio in the years to come

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Pankaj Gupta  +91 90 30 07 86 77

Michael Bladt    + 45 21 69 47 61

Harpreet Singh has decided to step down.

New head of HASLE Refractories India, Pankaj Gupta

Group CEO and owner of HASLE Refractories, Michael Bladt

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