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Modular Lining

​HASLE Modular lining is a precast solution for walls, slopes and roofs.

Article By: Kjartan Butzbach  - kbu@hasle-refractories.com
Product manager - Head of R&D | January 2019

The HASLE Modular Lining elements are factory made, using specialized equipment such as vibration tables, special molds, dry-out ovens and skilled workers to guarantee optimal quality. The steel parts of the system are designed for easy installation and high performance.
Please refer to presentation for installation method.

Producing the elements in a factory-controlled process using only the best materials makes it possible to make a product that will outperform on-site installations for a wide range of applications.

Made in Denmark - with highly qualifed staff

HASLE Modular Lining will always come with construction drawings made in Denmark by highly qualified staff in 2D or 3D  - depending on customer needs and agreements. A HASLE supervisor can be allocated during installation to guide and document the works.

Above an example of an CBO boiler installation

Since the precast elements have already been dried out in the factory there are no risk of damage from vapor pressure build-up when the installation is put into operation. Further to this there is no “shelf-life” or expiry date for precast elements like there is for castable, so holding a stockpile of Modular Lining for fast response time is uncomplicated.

Installations all over the world

HASLE Modular Lining is installed in a variety of applications throughout the world, among these in Cement factories, Boilers and Incineration Plants. Typical application for HASLE Modular Lining includes Smoke Chamber, Cooler roof and Bull Nose in Cement Plants. Various Boiler- and Incinerator installations. › See also our Case Stories and references 

Please note that HASLE also have Precast solutions for curved and cylindrical structures such as Feed Pipes, Cyclone Walls and Vertical Bullnose etc. And do not hesitate to contact our team at Hasle for any further information on Refractory.

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