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World premiere in Germany

First time installation af Ceramic Vortex finder Generation 3

It is with great pride, that HASLE can inform that after almost 5 years of R&D the first HASLE Ceramic Vortex Finder (CVF) Gen 3 has been installed in the lowest stage cyclone in a cement plant in Germany.

HASLE CVF Gen 3, replaces the original design from the 1980´s (developed during FLS ownership of HASLE), and Gen 2 which was launched around 2008.

The benefits of HASLE CVF are; it is highly resistant to alkali attack, it will not buckle or burn during operation with high temperatures.

Recently, working with the traditional Steel Dip Tubes has been identified as a health risk due to exposure to chromium particles. This risk is eliminated when working with HASLE Ceramic Vortex Finder, as there is no chromium content at all.

Watch the Video Animation of HASLE CVF

The installation in Germany lasted in total 3 days (including installation of steel ring and welding on the brackets) and was supervised by Peter and Tom two of our experienced Danish supervisors. 

The length and diameter of the HASLE CVF Gen 3 are available in diameters from 1500 mm up to 6500 mm, which will suit most cyclones.

The fuel used in this plant in Germany is 80% RDF + tires when available, which is believed to make a perfect match with the HASLE CVF.
We thank the customer in Germany (one of the Top 3 Cement companies in the world ) for an excellent co-operation during installation.

› Watch the videos taken from Installation Site
In the next two month, another 3 CVF will be installed in Europe, where the customers also are among the Top 3 cement manufacturer in the world.
For more information about how HASLE CVF can improve your process, please feel free to contact HASLE at any time.

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