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Hasle Modular Lining | Easy to install and Ready-To-Go Precast

The HASLE Modular Lining is factory made flexible precast refractory lining system for walls, roofs and curves. Element size designed for easy handling and installation. Insulation can be configured according to customer demands and wishes. Highly resistant to alkali attack and build up. Eliminates need for special dry-out arrangements and allows for faster restart of production.

The HASLE Modular is a layered construction consisting of a precast hotface element, a layer of castable/insulating castable, and in some cases a layer of calcium silicate insulation.

Establishing a precast modular lining system in HASLE alkali resistant LCC castables offers the following benefits:

  • reduces/eliminates coating problems (build-up)
  • reduces maintenance
  • improves insulation
  • increases cross-sectional area of riser duct/feed pipe (with thinner lining)
  • reduces installation time

In principle, the construction is the same for flat, conical, cylindrical and roof elements.The simple design of HASLE modular lining ensures easy and fast installation. The man-hours required for a typical lining vary between 5-10 mhs/m² or 10-20 mhs/ton. These rates depend on the condition of the actual area to be lined i.e. number of air blasters, inspection holes, manholes etc.

› See animation of the installation of the Hasle Modular Lining.

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