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HASLE's Gunning products - durable and low re-bound

HASLE GUN39A and GUN59A are well known in the market for their good preformance and very low rebound rates. With a skilled operator, a rebound rates as low as 10% is fully achievable. 

By Kjartan Butzbach, CTO, kbu@hasle-refractories.com
Published March 2020

Dry gunning or simply gunning is a fast installation method that only require installation of anchors arrangements before start. No formwork is required.

Gunning is often preferred for quick repairs and patching jobs as the minimal preparation time on the installation site and the absence of formwork to be handled before and after installation is easy to fit in when time is an issue – and it often is since time (especially production time) equals money.

While a gunning installation cannot be expected to have the same durability as a precast or in situ casted solution, it will be good enough for many applications. However, gunning does require a special machine and, most importantly, a skilled operator for a good result. 

The basic principles of a gunning machine: the monolithic product is loaded into a hopper and from there compressed air is used to transport it in dry condition to the nozzle where water is added before the gun mix is sprayed onto the installation surface.

The machine operator controls the water addition and the distance from nozzle to installation surface plus the pattern, and rate at which the material is sprayed. In this lies the key to a good and fast installation. If one of the above is wrong, the whole installation will be affected.

The no-formwork-required feature also makes gunning an obvious choice for roof installations. With no need for cutting the outer steel shell or for erection of complicated formwork, you avoid costly preparations and unwanted intrusive hot works in your mechanical steel parts.

HASLE GUN39A and GUN59A are based on the low cement castables D39A and D59A and are well known in the marked for their good performance and very low rebound rates. With a skilled operator, rebound rates as low as 10% is fully achievable. This saves materials and cleaning.

For customers requiring SiC content in their low cement gun applications HASLE GUN20SC and GUN50SC are available. Cs1500 is a traditional gun mix based on Andalusite, and for insulation purposes Csi1050 or Csi1300 will cover most needs.

Installations all over the world

HASLE Castables are used with very good references in a variety of Industries throughout the world, among these in Cement factories, Boilers and Incineration Plants. 

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