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Check the density - before deciding what is the better offer

Looking for the best offer is a standard procedure for all purchase. For refractories, this is not always as simple as for a lot of other products. This is because there is a lot of different factors that will decide a refractory product performance.

Article By: Kjartan Butzbach kbu@hasle-refractories.com
Product Manager, Head of R&D | June 2019

Once all the technical decisions are out of the way and you have a short list of products that are all approved, the final choice often comes down to price.
When deciding what product comes at the best price you cannot only look at euro per ton, you need to consider the density (weight per volume) of the products.


You need to cover a 50m2 wall with 200mm (or 0,2m) of castable.

So, for your wall lining you will need:
50m2 x 0,2m thickness = 10m3 of castable

Based on technical data you have narrowed your choice of refractory castable down to two; X and Y.

  • Castable X cost 1200€/ton and have a density of 2600kg/m3
  • Castable Y cost 1100€/ton and have a density of 3100kg/m3
At first glance you may think that Castable Y is the best choice as the price per ton is lower; but...
CASTABLE X will require: 10m3 x 2600kg/m3 = 26t
CASTABLE Y will require: 10m3 / 3100kg/m3 = 31t
And choosing: 
CASTABLE X will cost you 1200€ x 26t = 31.200€
CASTABLE Y will cost you 1100€ x 31t = 34.100€

So, in fact castable X comes out at the best price.

HASLE's balanced castables with low density:

HASLE have a tradition for combining high temperature capability with alkali resistance.

This means that many HASLE castables have a balanced alumina/silica content.

Since alumina materials are heavy, HASLE’s balanced castables will often have lower density and therefore offer more square meters covered per ton = the better offer

Installations all over the world

HASLE Castables are used with very good references in a variety of Industries throughout the world, among these in Cement factories, Boilers and Incineration Plants. 

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HASLE look forward to becoming part of the solution to your refractry challenges. We are happy to offer advice and technical sparring through our international sales network. Feel free to contact HASLE for a noncommittal visit or recommendation.

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