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Ceramic Vortex Finder | handling harsh operating conditionsact cyclones

The HASLE Ceramic Vortex Finder is manufactured in our own factory, and assembled from individual precast refractory elements which fit together to form a stable cylinder hanging from brackets in the cyclone roof.

Why HASLE CVF is a better alternative

› Does not bucle or corrode
› No chronium Issues as it is Ceramic
› Reduces build-up (Build-up sticks less easily to the CVF)
› Quick and easy to install (6 – 16 hours)
› Fallen pieces rarely block the cyclone

The HASLE Ceramic Vortex finder (CVF) was first installed in cement kiln cyclones in the late 1980´s. Since that early start the development has continued and lifetimes have improved. During that time the steadily increased use of alternative fuels has caused more and more aggressive conditions in preheater cyclones.

In these environments the steel-alloy tubes are suffering more due to corrosion or buckling. The lifetimes have become shorter and fallen steel-alloy pieces can easily block the cyclone and/or damage the kiln or cooler or crusher. Where this is the case, the HASLE CVF is the correct alternative.

Watch video and report on the succesful test Installation of CVF Gen 3 in Germany Jan 2019


Each HASLE Ceramic Vortex Finder is supplied with a product guarantee, based on the operation conditions of your kiln. Please ask us for an unconditional offer and the related product guarantee.


The lifetime of the HASLE Ceramic Vortex Finder can be extended with regular inspections and necessary repairs. Depending on the working conditions an inspection should take place every 8 to 12 months.

The length of the HASLE Ceramic Vortex Finder can easily be adjusted during a kiln stop to suit changes in the process conditions.
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