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HASLE Refractories A/S has been manufacturing refractory products for more than 100 years, and since 1980 specialised in producing materials for cement and lime kilns. Today we provide premium solutions for a wide range of well-known problems in the cement industry.

It is our mission to develop, manufacture and supply high quality refractories

in order to protect high temperature processes worldwide. We continuously improve our materials and solutions in order to be at the leading edge  - this work is done in close cooperation with our customers. 

Refractory products for cement kilns
HASLE Low Cement Castables (LCC’s) are characterized by having a very dense and strong matrix developed to withstand the challenges of modern cement production, where alternative fuels are customary. Alkali-resistant castables with low porosity and high strength based on first quality refractory materials of high chemical purity make up the backbone of our product range.

Problem Solution
Coating/build up in smoke chamber, riser duct and cyclones HASLE Precast Modular Lining
HASLE LCC products
Buckling and corrosion of centre pipe (dip tube/immersion tube) HASLE Ceramic Vortex Finder
Short refractory life of kiln outlet (nose ring), burner pipe, kiln hood, grate cooler, planetary cooler, elbows and outlet HASLE LCC products
Abrasion in T.A.Duct, take-off and damper HASLE LCC products
High clinker temperature in planetary cooler outlets HASLE Precast Cooler Cam Lining

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